Theatrical performance which is a tribute to the world of magic, film and imagination.

8月13日(金) 12:45~
上映時間 約50分

プーク人形劇場 5Fホール

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“He was destined to inherit his father’s shoe store, but in childhood he likes to draw instead. In London he sees a magic show and is so fascinated that he becomes a magician. He buys his own theatre which is always sold out, because he lets women disappear and turn them into butterflies … Then he attends the first screening of the Lumière brothers. He will become a brilliant filmmaker who creates the first film studio in the world.” Georges Méliès (1861 – 1938), a French film director and a major pioneer of cinematography. 

A new staging of the Drak Theatre is inspired by the remarkable life story and work of cinema pioneer Georges Méliès. It takes viewers into the attractive settings of wizards and magic tricks. Magic tricks, that Méliès as first managed to use in incredibly imaginative ways on the film medium, still retain their visual poetry. He had particularly many followers. The Meliés world of imagination is boundless resisting even death, because celluloid illusion and fantasy weapons may perhaps even beat the Grim Reaper … Or not? We’ll find out at the end of the journey through the fascinating story of a greatest film magician of all time.

How to become immortal? There´s one trick!

“An Anglo-Saxon theatre critic would write that Georges Méliès’ Last Trick is an hour of pure theatre, an hour of eruptive fantasy, perfect playfulness, an hour of contagious joy from creativity, that is the event of the season and it is every theatre lover’s obligation to not miss it. (…) Jiří Havelka has created an exceedingly excellent production in Hradec Králové’s Drak Theatre, inspired by the work of Georges Méliès, using the perfectly adopted techniques of silent film escapades and Méliès’ attempts at special effect tricks, and he has got a fine troupe of actors for it.” Michal Zahálka, nadivadlo.blogspot.cz

 “An ingenious combination of a puppet Punch and Judy show and slapstick film, all purely through theatrical, seemingly simple means. It is a tribute to a cinematic magician, but also to playfulness, fantasy and artistic tenacity. Definitely an experience!” Nina Malíková, Theatre Newspaper

 “The Last Trick of Mr G. M. is not just an homage to the pioneer of cinematography, Georges Méliès, but also a tribute to art that does not give up and triumphs over death, mediocrity and prohibitions. An exceedingly Faust- -like tribute to everlasting life in a world full of magic, tricks and enchantment.” Nina Malíková, Loutkář Magazine

“Before Georges Méliès became a pioneer of special effect films one hundred and twenty years ago, he was a stage illusionist – and he conjured up inspiration for his film experiments from these magical performances. Now Jiří Havelka has turned it around in Hradec Králové’s Drak Theatre: using Méliès’ film techniques, he has created a theatrical play that is literally enchanting.(…) Last Trick doesn’t even last an hour all in all, but it is an hour of extraordinarily intensive theatre. Havelka combines inspiration from Méliès with the legacy of the predecessors of black light theatre and puppetry inspirations of a nearly Punch and Judy style. And he adds his interest in paradoxes of time and space.Michal Zahálka, Lidové noviny


 Duration of performance: 50 minutes
 For spectators older than 9 years

 Directed by: Jiří Havelka
 Stage Design: Marek Zákostelecký
 Dramaturgy: Dominika Špalková
◆音楽 :DVA
 Music: DVA
 Cast:Dušan Hřebíček , Luděk Smadiš , Milan Hajn , Johana Vavřínová , Petra Cicáková , Jan Popela , Milan Žďárský